Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where in the World is Mishé Events???

Boy oh Boy have we been busy!!!  Time to catch up a bit !  Since the last post, I've decorated two milestone birthday parties & a vow renewal dessert bar ! Mishe Events had the pleasure of meeting lots of lovely brides while participating in TWO bridal shows in March! I've made over 400 handmade invitations for three separate clients and continued to work on decorations for TWO weddings in June! Sprinkled with a few other tasks, I think it's safe to say.....WE ARE ON THE MOVE!  :-)

Clients ask me all the time..."How do you do it?"  Although the work is challenging at times, the answer is quite easy. With passion, dedication, and spirit....

It's the passion I feel for the work that I do, that gives me the strength and interest to continue on!  I absolutely love what I do and I thank each and everyone that appreciates and recognizes my work. 
 So for the month of May, I'll continue on the path I've set.  I'll keep bridging the gap between your Dreams and Realities! :-)  

(Birch Hill Bridal Show ~ March 2012)

Hello Everyone ! :-)
(Georgian Resort Bridal Show March 2012)

One of my June Bride's ...
"Elegance" and "Pop" all rolled into one !  

                ... How to make a milestone "sizzle!" :-)

Almost Time to Celebrate!
Getting geared up for Graduation!

 Summer is almost here! 

My "Passionately Purple" bride's day is underway!!!

  80 and Ever So Elegant !

Ok, So back to work I go! 

Happy Planning!


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