Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Touché Mishé !: BIG is Beautiful. WHEN IT'S DONE RIGHT!

Touché Mishé !: BIG is Beautiful. WHEN IT'S DONE RIGHT!: Last night, I came across something that inspired this post.  A recently engaged woman sent me an email that really bothered me.  "Hi, Mis...


Last night, I came across something that inspired this post.  A recently engaged woman sent me an email that really bothered me. 

"Hi, Mishé Events! I've recently gotten engaged!  I was very excited about planning my wedding until I started thinking about my dress search.  I am overweight and my mom and sisters all said I need to lose quite a bit of weight before I start shopping for my gown so that I look beautiful on my wedding day. The problem is I know I must order a dress months in advance, so that it will arrive on time. With this time issue, I'd only have like 2-3 months to lose nearly 100 pounds! What should I do?"

WHAT!!  Now, I'm all for getting in shape and feeling great...WHEN IT IS FOR YOU and WHEN ITS FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL REASONS.  Not because others say so!  It breaks my heart to see that there are still women who feel the pressure of society when it comes to their weight. 

My opinion? Somehow, someway...you must tell your family to back off!  You obviously have a partner who loves you just the way you are.  So, walk right on in to a bridal shop of your choice with your head held high and get started! :-)

But there's a couple doses of reality that may be a little tough to swallow at first, so let me brief you on them now so that you are prepared for your shopping experience. 

1. Yes, there will be model size brides trying on gown after gown (because she can get each and every one of those sample sized gowns on her size 8 body, ugh :-)  (I call them "simple sized" because to me, the designers are simply ridiculous to assume that most brides are a size 8. lol)

2. There will probably be a limited supply of plus size gowns to try on.

Now that that's out of the way, on to the positive. There is definitely a dream dress out there for every bride!  Remain positive, open-minded and versatile.  One style you hadn't even thought of, may in fact be the one for you!  Whatever you do, just make sure you pick the style that compliments your figure the most. Concentrate on highlighting your best features and downplaying all others.  Do not accentuate the very area that makes you self conscious.  Gowns come in many different fabrics.  Be sure to choose a fabric that works well for you, for your wedding's theme and also for the season in which you are to marry. Also, choose your undergarments carefully.  The undergarments you choose affect the overall look.  Invest in supportive items that are of great quality. Don't cheap out in this area.  You'll be happier in the long run:-)   

Here's an example of a look that is not so flattering: 

And here's a few plus size gowns that are figure flattering and in many cases, slimming :

Much better, right?  

There are lots of designers who specialize in plus size bridal.  Alfred Angelo has a great collection.  Browse the collection here.

Remember....it's all about you, your partner, and most importantly the love you share.  

Happy Shopping & Happy Planning! 


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

30 days left. Now what?!?!

As of today, one of my couples has 30 days left before the big day!!!  YAY!  Congratulations, Jamie and Rah!  You're almost there!!!!

(photo courtesy of Dexter Davis Photography & Video)

So they've inspired this post today!  I love working with them because they are SO ON THE BALL!  Love you guys! 

For those who need a little more guidance, with where you should be and how to get there in regards to your wedding planning, I've included some valuable information below.  Keeping things in order, although sometimes tedious, is better off in the long run.  This is a day you've worked hard for and now you want to sit back, take it all in, and enjoy, right?  So here's how...

You’ve spent months and months getting intimate with your wedding planning checklist, scheduling every tiny detail of your wedding, and suddenly you realize there are only 30 days left before the ceremony and there are things you haven’t done!

Here is a guide to the last 30 days of your wedding planning checklist to get you back on track and relieve some of your stress:

* This would be a good time to apply for your marriage license, if you haven’t already done it. Different localities have different requirements so you and your fiancé need to take a little advance care with this process.

The license is usually issued by the County Clerk or the Clerk of the Court. There will be a fee. Check in advance for the fee and method of payment required. Some states require blood tests and others require tests for German Measles, venereal diseases, sickle-cell anemia, tuberculosis, etc. Become familiar with your state's requirements ahead of time.  If having a destination wedding, your Day-of-Coordinator or Planner should research this for you.

* Your dress needs a final fitting now to be sure there’s time to make any changes needed. While you are at it, make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen have their attire ready to go and there are no issues.

* All your vendors need to be contacted to confirm arrival/delivery dates and times. This includes your caterer, florist, musicians, photographer, hotels, reception hall, minister or other officiate, transportation and hotel reservations and the bakery creating your wedding cake. This should be done by your Day-of-Coordinator or Planner, if you've hired one. 

* Take a little time to check your wedding program for accuracy before you print it. Send a future change of address form to the post office. Make a list of those invited guests who have not responded to your request for an RSVP and ask your mother or sister to contact them. As soon as you know how many out-of-town guests you will have, create your welcome baskets for them.

* As soon as you receive gifts, write thank you notes. People consider it bad manners to have to wait months to get thanked for sending a gift.

Two weeks before the big day:

* A couple of weeks before your ceremony, flesh out your seating plan and write your place cards. Confirm any last minute details and tell your caterer how many to expect. Complete your seating chart.

* Pick up your dress and hang it where it won’t wrinkle or get caught on something. Walk around your house wearing your wedding shoes to break them in and make them comfortable for your walk down the aisle.

* Arrange for a house sitter while you are on your honeymoon, if necessary. You might need someone to water your plants or take care of your pets while you are gone.

* Make sure someone has a list of your honeymoon itinerary and contact information in case of an emergency.

* With your fiancé, write toasts for the rehearsal dinner and reception. Attend your bachelor or bachelorette parties and any bridal wedding showers.

The day before:

* Your out-of-town guests will be arriving. Relax with them and make them
comfortable. Personally give them their welcome baskets or have them already in their rooms.

* Take a break and have a manicure, pedicure and maybe a massage.

* Confirm your transportation schedule.

* Attend the rehearsal that afternoon or evening and hold the rehearsal dinner. Give your wedding party their gifts and make sure they know their individual responsibilities, like handing out corsages and boutonnieres, escorting guests down the aisle, etc.

Your wedding day:

* If you didn’t give your parents their wedding gifts at the rehearsal dinner, then do it now.

Follow your wedding planning checklist you have set up for the morning; hair dresser, make up, etc., and you’ll make it just fine to the wedding with everything running fairly smoothly.

Happy Planning!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where in the World is Mishé Events???

Boy oh Boy have we been busy!!!  Time to catch up a bit !  Since the last post, I've decorated two milestone birthday parties & a vow renewal dessert bar ! Mishe Events had the pleasure of meeting lots of lovely brides while participating in TWO bridal shows in March! I've made over 400 handmade invitations for three separate clients and continued to work on decorations for TWO weddings in June! Sprinkled with a few other tasks, I think it's safe to say.....WE ARE ON THE MOVE!  :-)

Clients ask me all the time..."How do you do it?"  Although the work is challenging at times, the answer is quite easy. With passion, dedication, and spirit....

It's the passion I feel for the work that I do, that gives me the strength and interest to continue on!  I absolutely love what I do and I thank each and everyone that appreciates and recognizes my work. 
 So for the month of May, I'll continue on the path I've set.  I'll keep bridging the gap between your Dreams and Realities! :-)  

(Birch Hill Bridal Show ~ March 2012)

Hello Everyone ! :-)
(Georgian Resort Bridal Show March 2012)

One of my June Bride's ...
"Elegance" and "Pop" all rolled into one !  

                ... How to make a milestone "sizzle!" :-)

Almost Time to Celebrate!
Getting geared up for Graduation!

 Summer is almost here! 

My "Passionately Purple" bride's day is underway!!!

  80 and Ever So Elegant !

Ok, So back to work I go! 

Happy Planning!